Welcome to Mintachine

Online privacy and security is important. Don't give yourself away so freely. Don't be the product.

This is a work in progress and I'll be adding to it gradually.  You can expect to find links and info on privacy issues and a selection of my favourite providers of privacy-oriented software and tools.

I'm also finding my way with Linux distros (largely hopping between them) and I'm particularly focussed on those running efficiently on 32-bit machines.  I may write in more detail on these, but for now, you'll find links to some that performed well on a 2009 Acer Aspire ONE.  I also plan to trial these distros on older machines.

Gaming stuff might appear here, too.  We'll see.

Also, there'll be a bit relating to amateur radio. Check out the links, particularly for Essex Ham who offer an excellent online training programme for Foundation level.

The rest I'll take as it comes and go with the flow and if you want to see the direction this takes you might want to bookmark my page.  If you want. Or don't. You're free to choose. :)

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